What Measures You Should Take To Travel Much More Safely From Guildford To Gatwick Airport In Taxi?

Undoubtedly, airport taxi is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to travel from Guildford to Gatwick airport. But, this convenience and affordability can turn into a nightmare if you don’t take the matter of personal security and safety seriously. Could not understand my point? Let me explain it. You might have seen online ads of airport taxi companies offering you lowest rates. Don’t instantly book a taxi hire company claiming to offer you lowest taxi fare and cheapest service in town without doing detailed research on it. Because, some non- professional taxi companies attract customer with their lowest taxi fare propaganda and in return provide unsatisfactory airport taxi transfers services to them (poor condition of taxi, inexperienced and untrained drivers who don’t have license). Therefore, you should always give preference to your security over cheap taxi fare.

We are not saying that every single airport taxi hire company offering you cheap taxi fare is a fraud. You must make sure before hiring an airport taxi from the taxi company that the company is reliable and well- reputed in order to avoid any mishap. If you hire a well-reputed and reliable airport taxi company for travelling from Guildford to Gatwick Airport then you don’t have to worry about your security and safety much. Not only this, if you take some more safety measures you don’t have to worry at all while traveling from Guildford to Gatwick Airport in an airport taxi.

We are discussing below different measures you should take to travel much more safely from Guildford to Gatwick airport in taxi.

Get necessary details from taxi hire Company

At the time of booking of your taxi, ask the hired airport taxi company to provide you necessary details such as name of your taxi driver, colour of the car, model of the car and license of the car and taxi driver.

Verify all the details provided by taxi before starting your journey in taxi

It is to be noted that when the taxi driver arrives to pick you up from your hotel/residence/ office in Guildford you must make sure that the model and colour of the taxi is same as told by taxi company. Also ask the driver about his name and about your destination.  You must also notice that the driver in not under influence of alcohol. You should also make sure that the taxi looks good from both inside and outside. Do not take a taxi that is old and is in poor condition because you never know it might stop working any time during your journey from Guildford to Gatwick airport.

Ask the drivers about his knowledge related to areas

It is to be noted that time is very important when traveling to and from the airport. Therefore, you must ask the taxi driver about his knowledge related to route from Guildford to Gatwick airport. All the well-reputed taxi companies send experienced and trained drivers who know all the local routes and shortcuts but still it is your responsibility to confirm that he/she is well aware with the local routes and short-cuts.

Keep your mobile phone on during your trip from Guilford to Gatwick airport

Always keep your mobile phone on when traveling from Guildford to Gatwick airport in taxi to immediately contact any one if you have some problem.


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