How Airport Taxis Farnham Is Better Than Uber?

Are you impressed with Uber? Do you also think that Uber is better than traditional taxi service providers such as Airport Taxis Farnham in Farnham? No problem. We cannot say anything in the favour of other taxi service providers in Farnham but we can give arguments in the favour of our taxis services. We are presenting below details related to how Airport Taxis Farnham is better than online transportation company Uber.

Uber vs Airport Taxis Farnham

Uber taxis often cannot detect traveler’s pickup location

People who have used Uber complain that when they requested a trip through Uber app, the Uber taxi driver wasted a lot of their time because he/she had a difficulty in detecting their pickup location despite the fact that they had told him/her their pickup address on phone. This happens because Uber drivers are not professional drivers, many of them are not familiar with different areas of Farnham.

On the other hand, Airport Taxis Farnham only employs experienced, trained and knowledgeable drivers. When a customer books our taxi for traveling, our driver does research on the origin and destination address mentioned by the customer before the trip day. In this way, they always pick up the customers from exact pickup location and drop them off to their desired destinations without causing any annoyance to customers.

Uber taxi service is not safe enough

There can be a safety issue with Uber taxis. You might be thinking how is it possible. Uber taxis are owned by Uber drivers. Uber makes it the responsibility of drivers to maintain their cars after hiring them as Uber drivers. Uber does not keep check on maintenance of taxis by drivers. Think for a while if the Uber driver ignores maintenance of his car, will traveling in that poorly maintained Uber taxi be safe for people.

Apart from this, if you do research on internet related to how safe is Uber. You will find a lot of news stories related to sexual assault by Uber taxi drivers.

As far as Airport Taxis Farnham is concerned, we understand that personal safety is the first priority of every traveler. Therefore, we only offer well-maintained and safe taxis to our clients. In order to avoid any mishap, we only allow our drivers to drive at the reasonable speed. Airport Taxis Farnham is a reliable airport taxi company, if you browse the web you will not find any negative story related to us.

Surge pricing makes Uber inexpensive transport option

You might have heard that Uber is a cheap alternative to traditional taxis. But, is Uber really cheap?  It is to be noted that during peak days and rush hours when the demand of ride is higher than Uber drivers, Uber charges 4 times more than the usual Uber fare. Due to Surge pricing, you can say that Uber is not a cheap transport option.

On the other hand, Airport Taxis Farnham offer fixed rates that do not get doubled or tripled even if the demand of taxi is high. Our taxi fares are reasonable. We charge according to the type of vehicle you choose your pick up and drop off locations and the traveling facilities you need.


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