How To Avoid Unlicensed Taxis When You Are Travelling Abroad

There are licensed taxi drivers who go through the proper procedure to attain their license and can be part of an organization who help them provide a legitimate livelihood as both benefit each other through this professional bond which is only effective if the driver is a license holder.

There are unlicensed taxis and taxi drivers who are tarnishing the good name of other taxi services or their drivers and in this article we want you to be aware of these unlicensed taxis by pointing out some key indicators.

First of all, unlicensed taxis are dangerous and there have been many horror stories recorded regarding these taxis and how they have preyed on unsuspecting victims all over the world. We want to educate people on this menace so they can avoid unlicensed taxis or cabs whenever they encounter them.

These taxis are rampant abroad, and tourists are usually vulnerable to their threat because they can’t know for sure whether they are getting into an unlicensed cab or not.

The first thing you can do is to check if you receive bad customer and even if you do then there is no way that you can report it because the taxi doesn’t work for a private car hire company. If the cab was part of an airport transfer service then it is guaranteed that airport taxis working under the organization go through safety regulations and their customer service is stellar because they want to maintain those high service levels.

You might be driven to a potentially dangerous situation because there is never any way to background check an unlicensed taxi, but with airport transfer services, the company usually does a back ground checks and training for all of their taxis.

The best way to avoid these bogus taxi drivers is to use a well-known, legitimate taxi service that you are already familiar with. If you are travelling than it is suggested that you go for the most prominent taxi services and many of the airport transfer services have extended their services to popular tourist destinations, so you can always look them up while you are abroad.

We really hope that this article has covered all the points that keep you sharp regarding unlicensed taxi services and not get scammed while you are away enjoying your holidays.


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